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Our Support: Prompt Answers to Your Questions

… and as individually as possible.

We are convinced of the ability of our product
… but we also want to convince you of our product and services.

With questions or problems you have a choice of the following facilities:

                  ▪ Have a look at FAQ list (frequently asked questions).

                  ▪ All documents prepared for the software can be downloaded from the homepage.

                  ▪ If you can‘t find an appropriate solution please send an e‐mail to the
                     support team (support@schell‐

                  ▪ With a valid maintenance contract you can get Premium Support via email
                     (support@schell‐ and/or by phone.

                     Our support is online (phone +49 (0)7231 / 82390) from 9 am to 5 pm.

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