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About Us

As mentioned already, we have been developing software for the chemical plant engineering and related areas for decades.
Having started as engineering consultants we soon developed mechanical design software for our own purposes (on the APPLE with PASCAL and FORTRAN as programming languages).
Soon our customers asked to work with these tools independently.

This led us to review the developments in the software industry and the future demands of the pressure systems industry.

Today WIN_SHELL integrates not only mechanical design calculations and Finite Elements Analysis but also 2D und 3D drawings as well as plate layout, cost calculation, etc. The information generated in WIN_SHELL is offered for other software packages via the underlying data base and appropriate interfaces. ... to fulfil WIN_SHELL‘s rule as a communicator.

Our target is a partnership approach to increase creativity for the benefit of all parties.
Only in co‐operation and in dialog with our customers can we successfully continue at this high level and face the demands of the future.

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