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is directed to components as mixer, heat exchangers, tanks, etc. 

From A to Z, from pre-design to end-documentation WIN_SHELL is on-duty for the export/import of data.

The 1st step to build a WIN_ SHELL component is to configure it with help of the configuration editor by basic elements (cylinder, ends, nozzles, flanges ...). Configurations or parts built this way (front-end of an exchanger, mixer top end with nozzles …) can easily be used as templates for the next configurations.

The geometry data to describe the component can be gotten from the integrated standards data base (including ASME, ANSI, EN, BS, DIN …) or can be entered ‚by hand‘ individually.

For the allocation of the materials a material database is integrated (ASME, BS, EN, DIN …).

By the given configuration per mouse click one gets 2D and 3D drawings of the details or of the overall component. Comprehensive tools are available for subsequent processing. The integrated ‚plate layout‘ supplies within seconds with the ‚unrolled‘ plate layout representing the shape and the intersection curves of the selected elements. The result output can be obtained as DXF-files, `Puzzle-Plots´ or ASCII-files (table with the data of the intersection curves prepared for machine). Other tools prepare ‚bill of materials‘ or nozzle lists.

The most efficient tool prepares the ‚calculation list‘.  For the configured component the required design calculations will be generated automatically according to the selected Code of Practice (AD, ASME, EN, DIN, TEMA, BS, TRD, WRCB ...).

So one can switch from ASME to ADM or EN within seconds. ... compare the results or select the best fitting calculation method directly!

The ‚Design by Rule‘ way shows an overstressing? - Switch to the integrated Finite-Element-Analysis. The according tools are integrated! - From Pre- to Post-Processing and automatically generated reports.

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